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Vacation photos!
I finally got around to making this long, long post. There are 100+ pictures, so hold on to your seats. :P

The Airport

Cameron loves him some DS.

Kevin and my dad are twins.

Cameron got a black eye 2 days before we left. Isn't it gorgeous?

My mom loves the airport.

Our Townhouse

My bedroom

Our kitchen/living room

View from the entry way

My brothers' room

Our parents' room

My blurry picture of the stairs/hallway

The street from the car at the townhouse

The Races

Lion King stuff at the "Circle of Life 5K" start

Fire works!

I got a pretty good pic of my mom finishing.

Me before my half marathon

We were rocking those bibs.

My finishing time. :D PR!

So tired......

... just kidding. I feel great.

My dad, the morning before his full marathon.

My view up Main Street USA to wait for my dad

Cinderella's Castle, all lit up

(I missed all pics of my dad. I feel bad about it. Shh.)

Our bibs, which are personalized. It was awesome, people shouted for us by name.

Our medals
Donald = half, Goofy = both, Mickey = marathon

Disney World

Aren't we cute? We were waiting for my parents to hurry up.

Cameron waited forever for us to get a coaster train in the background.

Power trio.

Cameron: "I'm excited!"


My mom took this and it is pretty with the blue skies.

My brothers HATED this ride.

This guy flew over us two different days. Later, it said: "Jesus Loves you."

Awesome tree lady. It was cool.

Gorilla butt!

Jiminy Cricket!



Kevin liked the goat. So did I.

Hat club!

They signed the autograph book!

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. :)

This guy in France was ridiculously awesome.

I met Belle!!

Beast snuck up on me...

Oh no!

We were BFFLs, x3.

My dad in Morrocco.

Cameron running up this cool "Honey I Shrunk the Kids!" playground.

Kevin posed. Yay!


Sea World


My mom took the picture. She isn't in, like, any pictures.

This squirrel was hilarious.
We gave it some cookie parts and it hung around beneath our chairs and was adorable.

Beneath the fish tunnel.

Weird bird.

Even weirder bird.


Sleepy head....

I touched one of these in the rain... <3

This is as close as Cameron came to touching one.

Universal Studios

I met Spiderman.

The lighting sucked.

Spiderman and Cameron...

...will save the world!


Scary place....

I love how Kevin looks genuinely scared!

My boys... <3

I ran away.

Cameron had a fit.

Look! A baby raptor!

My mom's favorite part... ;)

Bad lighting, but you get it.

Poseidon's temple's ruins.

We ate at Mythos, this amazing themed restaurant.

The view.

Our table. The boys went potty.

Menu. I had the chicken sandwich. YUMMY.

Kids' menu. With a kid in the background.

Oh Grinch, you are so funny...


Cameron with the Cat.

Me, Cameron, Sam I Am and... who is the other guy!?!

I am saving the Truffula Trees!

My carousel dude.

A smile picture. Wow!

My dad laid an egg...

I was surprised with my egg!

My mom found the hatching process boring.

BARF. Haha.

It was about 55 degrees and my family found it necessary to get soaked.
I opted out. Obviously.


It was at the big, huge Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney.
So awesome.

I congratulate anyone who made it through that. <3

PS: This is only public so my parents can see my pictures and Facebookers without LJs can see it too because I need more than a 60 picture album to make this vacation come to life. :)

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AWESOME PICTURES, LOVE!! I got super jealous looking at them all!! what an awesome trip XD
also omg *flailspazz* at Leo's costume O.M.G.
how did your brother get a black eye??

I thought of you when I took that picture. <333333
and Cameron fell on the ice at school and hit his eye... somehow.

btw: have you seen revolutionary road yet? I went on friday and omg. so good, so sad... so amazing.


omg i cried so much haha it was SO GOOD LIKE WOW.

Dude, I definitely did the half that Saturday. I couldn't do the full on Sunday because I had somewhere to be that afternoon.

Really? That's cool. How did you do? (Probably much faster than me, since you run faster than me always. :P)
I completely surprised myself with my time and have a new goal for my half in April: sub-2:00:00!

I told myself that I wasn't going to pay attention to time because I was just doing it for conditioning, so I left my watch in the car. I get too obsessive with time. If I'm under pace I push myself too hard and if I'm over pace I tend to relax too much.

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