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In the dark I'm out of sight....
I just got back around 20 minutes ago from my run this morning. I ran 7 miles in 71 minutes and 23 seconds and didn't stop once the whole time. There were lots of hills and sunshine and my knee hurt for the middle 3-4 miles but I felt so good when I got done. :D

I've been drinking lots of water, no pop, and eating healthier lately. And I've been eating really well (not well, but way better than usual). It's affected my mood a lot: I'm much happier. When I went to therapy, we decided not to have another meeting until after school starts because the change in eating habits as well as my increase in exercise has basically made my anxiety go away. It's awesome. :)

Danielle and I took a bunch of fun pictures on my iChat the other day. I am going to post them because they are hilarious. Or pretty. It depends on the special effect. :P

Shadows on an alley wall, dancing like a lovers' brawl...Collapse )

"Cruisin', and boozin'..."
So I am looking for songs which have hand claps and snaps in them. I am making a cool playlist. Give me songs.

Currently I have:
Twisting : They Might be Giants
Rock N Roll Lies : Razorlight
The Sound of Settling : Death Cab for Cutie
Lust a Prima Vista : The Spill Canvas
When I Was a Young Girl : Feist
Under Pressure : Queen
We Will Rock You : Queen
Be my Husband : Damien Rice (sang by a girl, however)

-The Carmen

I just saw a pizza guy, right in front of my house, get pulled over by a cop, followed by another cop. Then the second cop left. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. But then the cop talked to the pizza guy for a while and I departed to update my LJ about it because I was bored.


Today's <3-day...

And now since I've spammed your friends' page... click here!!!

Isn't that amazing?

I came home sick today because on Monday I ate some bad pasta sauce and on Tuesday I felt gross and threw up (in Danielle's toliet, because we were having a snow day partaaaay and trying on beautiful dresses for WPA which is March 1st) and today my stomach was still cramping and I felt an underlying sense of nausea.

So I came home, watched Beauty and the Beast but only made it halfway through before I fell asleep for the next four hours. It was terrific. And I feel much healthier now. Except, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast at about 6:00 AM so I haven't eaten in 12 hours. But I like the lack of pudgy-stomach... hmmphs. Anyway.

-The Carmen

^^^^ Now that's just weird.

Click Here

They are making a movie out of the book Tenderness?

That is so cool.

I read that book and it was nifty.

-The Carmen

If you buy a Threadless shirt, use this link:

That way, I can get Street Team points and you can get spiffy clothes. It's a win-win situation.

Yay holidays!


-The Carmen

Winter Term Schedule
So here is my winter term schedule, for those of you that don't already know or what something to compare it to:

0 -- Chemistry (Bush)
1 -- Orchestra (Hall)
2 -- LA 10 (Goodmanson)
3 -- AP European History (White)
4 -- Journalism (Lindsay)
5 -- Algebra 2 (Johnson)
6 -- German 2 (Gaddie)


-The Carmen

Song thingie.
Hardly anyone does these for me anyway, but it is 3:36 AM and my digestive system is rebelling and I can't go back to sleep. Joy.

And Ctrl+W closes windows. I discovered this because I missed trying to do Ctrl+C.

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating. no cheating, please!

01. "Times are strange, we got a free upgrade for..."
02. "Are you gonna live your life wondering..."
03. "A house on fire, a wall of stone..."
04. "In the distance she saw me coming 'round..."
05. "Your golden skies feed my role..."
06. "I just want to be safe in my own skin..."
07. "Where is the moment when we need it the most..."
08. "There was a time when I could breath my life in you..."
09. "It's only forever, not long at all..."
10. "It's funny how a man only thinks about the..."
11. "It’s been two years this month since the last time we spoke..."
12. "It's a good year for a murder..."
13. "Well, I got a friend who's a man..."
14. "Rachel left home last night..."
15. "You let me violate you..."
16. "Don't hold yourself life that..."
17. "The sun just slipped its note below my door..."
18. "Elevator! Going up!"
19. "You turn on a spindle..."
20. "Sappy pathetic little me..."

I am still bored and not tired (because I was awakened) so here's a BONUS ROUNDCollapse )

In the 2nd half, two of the same artists are in a row. O.o My iPod is funny.

And I had to skip 10 songs (I'm at 50 on my shuffled songs, not 40) because some were from Dane Cook or Foamy or had no lyrics. XD

I am surprised I got mostly good songs I like. Because out of 2802 songs, what are the chances? :D

Anyway, DO IT! I am going to bed because my bowels aren't growling anymore. Yay!

-The Carmen


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