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I now have a seperate icon journal: lamenticons. If you wish to continue viewing my icons, please add that journal. I will not be posting icons any longer on this journal.

How To Credit Properly:

(Deleted comment)
I just copied it, put it in my settings for my layout, and changed some of the links so they linked back to me. There are some really good communities and sites for free layouts and for paid layouts. But it is really easy to get it to work unless your LJ hates you with colors like mine does. :)
-The Carmen

hello just got a lj and thought id comment and i believe im a friend!

heyyyyy christine!<3

its andrea :0)

Wow I havent done LJ in a long time

Hey... its Chris F if you forgot...

Just wanted to say hi

Re: Wow I havent done LJ in a long time

Whoa, dude, I forgot you HAD an LJ. *gasp*

heh, I noticed you because of your neat avatar xD"

so.. I'd like to be added, pretty please.

and viewing your profile page - we have got so much in common Oo scary XD

fav bands/musicians: Apocalyptica, Muse, Tori Amos, Yo-Yo Ma, and ROCK! yay.. ROCK! xD... oh, and soundtracks like Harry Potter, Kill Bill, Disney in genereal and stuff. yes, stuff.

Hermione/Draco + Disney = Instant Add.

*adds you*

-The Carmen

I'm not fussed whether or not you add me - or even reply to this.
'Cause the point is, you play the violin.
As do I.
And this, surely, is a good enough excuse to list five bands.
1. Ours
2. Black Tape for a Blue Girl
3. Queen Adreena
4. Placebo
5. Nirvana
6. Radiohead.

(I failed maths)

I've never heard of any of those bands save the last two but violin-ness rules all. I shall add you. :)

Omg, it's cheyanne.
I think I met you in LA this year >__> or somtime over the summer maybe.

1. Jack off Jill
2. Scarling
3. The Used
4. Flyleaf
5. MCR

Yeah. Fun.

Ogggg. You don't even have to ask, dear. *adds*

(Deleted comment)
*adds* I think I added you anyway but forgot to respond to this comment... *dies8

S'meee. I just found you where you stole alllLl of my music ;)

I love the music I stole! Thanks! And I added you this morning! *dances*

hey, its mary from WW :P

hi! i believe you subscribed to my youtube videos (katebert13) anddd that automatically makes me like you at least a little :P alright if i add you?

that's totally all right. I'll add you back. :)
and your youtube videos are amazing. disney + harry potter = :D

...livejournal's only friendly, original, and very active personality rating community...
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Obviously, I just couldn't resist, haha.

Up to five favorite bands/artists: Aside from the three you already know? Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Beck, Jack Johnson, &Patrick Wolf!
Up to five currently favorite songs: "Never Leave Lonely Alone", "Sam's Song", "Wish You Were Here", "Waiting for My Ruca", "Windowsill".
Opinions on drugs, alcohol, sex, love and life: I've done drugs. Honestly, I liked doing them. At one point, they were sort of my life; my paychecks going to pot, lsd, heroin, and things of the like. While still being one of my favourite topics, I can't say I do many, if any, anymore. I'm definitely not an alcoholic. Actually, I hate a lot of beers, I think most taste like piss (not that I've tried piss). I know a good drink when I try one, and generally, I like the virginized drink, as well. I've had sex, and have had sex for a few years, now. I think it should be with somebody you know, trust, and share a mutual respect with/for. However, I know that's not always how it goes, and not always when it's most enjoyable. I tend to get scared when I hear 'I love you'. The most recent time, actually, I got out from under him, got out of bed, and went to sit on the porch, and I cried. As much as I want to just be with somebody, no pressures, no strings, no attachments, and no labels; I get scared more often than not, because I know it means once/if it ends, it'll hurt that much more. Life isn't always easy, but it is always worth-while, no matter the situation.

You answer! :]

I have to answer?! :P Can do. (And you are an obv. add, since I asked you.)

Up to five favorite bands/artists: Patrick Wolf, Kate Nash, Carina Round, Manchester Orchestra, The Hush Sound
Up to five currently favorite songs: "The Artist", "To the Lighthouse", "Monarch", "This Weather", "Monument"
Opinions on drugs, alcohol, sex, love and life:I don't mind drugs, as long as they're simple things like pot or hallucinogens. Harder drugs have too much of a dependency rate and I saw firsthand how heroin ruined my uncle's life. He dropped high school and still has no GED, lives with his mom (he's 22 or 23) and has no job or motivation. Alcohol is okay for most people. It bothers me when people are 13 or 14 and drinking. I don't drink, personally. I don't like the taste of it most times and it takes me too long to drink anything to get sufficiently drunk. (I prefer other substances. :P) And I've never been in love and never had sex. I don't mind that other people do, but I'd rather wait until I know I'm completely committed to a person. I don't want physical intimacy if I'm not sure I completely connect with the other person. And life is fantastic. When it's bad, it gets better and when it's good, it feels great.

I am going to go and F-add you RIGHT NOW. :D


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