Kristine (lament_phoenix) wrote,

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I had a pretty good one. :) There was lots of snow and I got a lot of stuff I wanted, like a little vaccuum for my dorm and money for a new tv (which I bought and set up earlier this week). I also got a new hard drive. I had a 160 GB one before and only had 10-ish GB left. So my dad and I upgraded mine to 500 GB. :D Now I have 330 GB left on my computer and everything is restored on it and stuff. And my computer loads the Sims faster, which makes no sense because I didn't upgrade my RAM, but oh well. :)

I also saw Black Swan and Tangled last week, both of which were very good but in different ways.

OH! Also on Xmas I got a coffee maker. :) Pretty much the best gift ever.

Today is the one year anniversary of the run that has really sidelined my running. So even though I haven't ran in three weeks, I went out in the cold today and ran the same hill that made me cry a year ago. I totally did it. Despite the snow and wind and cloudiness. I felt pretty good but my knee didn't much like the slipperiness of the snow. So I think that I will have to slowly build up my winter running. But at least I finally got out for the first time in weeks! :)

Also, I read Shutter Island and it was really good.
Doubly also, I have been playing the Sims a ton.
Triply also, 30 Rock is amazing.
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